Employee Monitoring Software

employee monitoring software

Employee monitoring software for enterprise and corporate employers. NetSpyPro - employee activity monitor is designed to monitor employees' Internet usage and computer activity via LAN network. NetSpyPro runs in stealth mode and it is invisible to users and undetectable by anti-virus software. It allows you to monitor more than 2000 client computers from one centralized server and see the live desktop and realtime screen of remote computers users.

NetSpyPro employee computer and Internet monitoring software will provide detailed analysis results for your company to find out problems and enforce discipline to improve overall working time efficiency. NetSpyPro has four scientific main features to ensure you fully understand the status of remote computer users and take control when necessary: Monitoring, Filtering, Alerting and Controlling. By monitoring, you can monitor everything happened or is happening in the client computer, including keystrokes typed, IM chats, application usage, file operations, live desktop, screen capture and recording, outgoing and incoming emails, web surfing, FTP file transfer, printer job activity, USB usage, CPU/memory usage, client's system process, autorun programs, hardware/softwre status of client computer and more. By filtering, you can filter searching keywords, block unwanted website access, disable USB flash drive, block certain applications that is non-work-related (games, p2p program, etc.) and more. By alerting, you can send alert to remote computer users when employees try to copy confidential data with removable disk, run unwanted application, open shopping or porn sites, etc. By controlling, you can command the client computers from the central server. You can remotely take control of the keyboard and mouse of users' computers, install/uninstall software, do file operations (cut/delete/open/create), shutdown/lock/restart the remote PCs, upload/download programs. You can even send files to share with company staff.

NetSpyPro Employee Activity Monitor is compatible with Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 2003 Server/Windows Vista/Windows 7. Free download Employee Computer and Internet monitoring software for your business right now and have a 15-day free trial to experience in office the benefits of the world's best-selling Employee Monitoring Software!

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Mobile Monitoring Software

mobile phone spy software

Mobile Spy is a smart smartphone spy software that works with most models of iPhone, Blackberry, Android and is fully compatible with Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and iPad. All the following can be logged by this professional phone spy software: Call details, SMS(Text Messages), GPS location, Contacts, Memos, Tasks, Call ID location, Emails, Website Visited, Photo&Video log, Calendar Events. It is the best mobile phone montoring software out there that works with most mobile phones.

Mobile Nanny is a similar product which is designed for Mobile Parental Control, it can help block urls,calls, sms, Click Here for more information...

Another similar phone spy software with which you can "listen to realtime conversation" is Spyera, to know more please Click Here...

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Remote Monitoring Software

remote monitoring software

SniperSpy is a professional remote monitoring software that allows installing via email to the computer you want to monitor. After installation of this smart remote monitoring software, you can view the live desktop of the remote computer. You can also view chats, websites, keystrokes and more from anywhere anytime with your online account. In addition, Sniper Spy remote monitoring software can bypass all firewalls. Whether it be a local or a remote computer, Sniperspy is the best choice for computer and Internet activity monitoring. So what are you waiting for now?

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Parental Monitoring Software

parental monitoring software

Acespy is helpful parental monitoring software for parents to monitor kids Internet and computer usage. With this parental monitoring tool, parents can fully monitor children's activity on Internet, like emails sent and received, online IM chats ( MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger ), screenshots, website browsing history, all typed keystrokes ( including password and login ID of Myspace, Facebook, etc. ), application used, and more.

Acespy is also a parental filtering and blocking software, parents can control kids' online activity by filtering searching keywords, blocking unwanted websites, filtering IM contacts, etc. Free download this home Internet and computer monitoring software and have a free trial to enjoy the benefits of parental control over your kids/children.

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Mac Monitoring Software

mac monitoring software

Ace Spy for Mac is a smart spy monitoring software for Mac OS X. It is the first of its kind for monitoring all Internet activities performed on your macintosh. With the help of this Mac spy software, you can achieve screenshot recording, Chai/IM logging, Website Visited, keystroke recording, application and pasteboard logging. It works in stealth mode and you can receive results with email. For the detailed information about this Mac Spy Software, Please Click Here...

iPhone Keylogger Software

iphone monitoring software

iKeymonitor is the only iphone monitoring software that can log keystrokes typed, password entered, and texts pasted screenshots. In addition, it can also spy on ipod and ipad. For more info about the features and user guide of iKeymonitor, please Click Here...

Tablet Monitoring Software

tablet monitoring software

PeekTab, is a smart tablet monitoring software that can track everything user does on their tablets with iPad, android and blackberry iOS. With Peektab, you can get kid's gps location, their emails sent and received, webpages visited, apps installed, photoes taken, notes, calendar, even the text messages and call logs (for tablets with sim slot). This amazing tablet monitor program is of great help for safeguarding teenage kids, improve working efficiency, or catching cheating spouse.

Click Here for more info about the user guide and full features of PeekTab.

Computer Time Limit

computer time limit

Time Sheriff is our new computer time limit software with which parents can manage and control kids' time spent on Internet. With this smart computer time limit tool, you determine how much time your children should spend on computer, you set the rule to filter certain applications like gaming programs. In this case, parents can have full control over children's online time. You can help your kids manage the time schedule with computer and Internet usage. Free download this Internet time limit software to avoid kids wasting too much time online. Have a free trial of this computer monitoring software right now!

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Office Monitoring Software

office monitoring software

Micro Keylogger for office is an all-in-one office monitoring software for small business employers. With this business monitoring tool, employers will be able to monitor and check employees' Internet and computer activity, like live desktop, clipboard usage, file operations, USB flash drive usage, outgoing and incoming emails, IM chats messages( MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger ), clients' screenshots, websites surfing history, typed keystrokes, application usage, etc.

Mirco Keylogger for office is also an easy-to-use business filtering and blocking software, employers have the ability to control employees' online activity by filtering certain words that might be typed in search engines, blocking websites that are not work related, filtering unwanted IM contacts, etc. Free download this office Internet and computer monitoring software and have a free trial to enjoy the benefits of business control over your employees.

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Website Blocker Software

web monitoring software

Aobo Porn Filter is a smart website blocking software with which can block all porns sites automatically and fiter unwanted sites and applicatons with keywords. It can even block webpages from being visited on web proxy.

In addition, Aobo filter can also monitor all websites visited on popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome. Now you can rest free and pretect your kids from online pron videos and other improper materials.

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Printer Monitoring Software

printer monitoring software

Print Job Monitor is an ideal printer monitoring software to efficiently monitor printer jobs in the enterprise. Anything concerned with the printer job is monitored and recorded, like file name, machine name (IP and user name), paper size, number of pages printed, etc. This printer monitoring software will ensure that no one in the company will use company printers for personal interest and print confidential files. This will considerably reduce wasteful printing jobs in company network. Free download is available now!

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Email Monitoring Software

email monitoring software

Mail Spy Monitor is a powerful email monitoring software that can monitor all employees' emails in company. It is a specially designed business email monitoring tool in the workplace. It can monitor all employees and kids emails read in Outlook 2000/2003/2007/Express, Winmail, Foxmail, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, etc. With email monitoring software, you can also monitor all outgoing webmails ( Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.). The monitoring details will be sent to the email box pre-set by you. Free downlaod this mail monitoring software and have a free trial to experience its benefits.

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MSN Monitoring Software

msn monitoring software

MSN Spy Monitor is a msn messenger monitoring software designed for both office and home use. With this msn monitoring software you can monitor IM chat messages of both sides. It can monitor all incoming and outgoing chat conversations of IM like MSN Messenger, ICQ, AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger ), Windows Live messenger, Windows Messengers.

MSN Spy Monitor is also a smart MSN blocking and filtering software. It can block unwanted msn messenger contacts and filter certain impolite words. Free download msn monitoring software and have a free trial of this computer monitoring software right now!

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Yahoo Messenger Monitoring Software

yahoo messenger monitoring software

Yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor is a useful yahoo messenger monitoring software suitable for both office and home use. With this yahoo messenger monitoring software you can record IM chat messages of both sides. It can record all chats sent and received by IM ( instant messenger )like Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger ), Windows Live messenger.

Yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor is also a smart Yahoo Messenger blocking and filtering software. It can block unwanted yahoo messenger contacts and filter the words which you think are impolite to use. Free download yahoo messenger monitoring software and have a free trial of this computer monitoring software!

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Windows Mobile Anti-Theft Software

windows mobile anti theft

Can you get back your mobile phone once it is lost or stolen? Yes if you have this anti-theft software. Recovery Cop is leading software for ensuring the safety of your mobile phone devices. It allows you to monitor every move of your smart phone device in real-time.The following features are available with Reecovery Cop: SIM change notification, stealth MIC listening, GPS location tracking, SMS/Call monitoring. The thief will be under your control and every of his activity will be recorded.

For the detailed information about this Windows Mobile Safeguard Software, Please Click Here...

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