How to add computers to printer monitor server?

Good day,
I downloaded your print job monitor 3.0 to try and see if fit our
company to buy it. The question I have is the following how to add
printers and uses to the tool , it give us no instruction
Mohamad Hakim

To deploy print job monitor to your company's network
1. Install Print Job Monitor on your SERVER computer, the SERVER computer have to be
connected to LAN.
2. Install Agent program onto the client computer which directly connected with the
printer that you want to monitor.
3. Run Agent program, type server computer's IP address and click button "Test
Connection". If the connection established successfully, the Agent will upload printer
information to centralized database on server computer and Agent will start monitoring
all the print jobs. After you install the Server program to your computer, you can open the server program and click "Help"-"Help Topics" button to get more instruction about Print Job Monitor.
Feel free to contact us for any further question.
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