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"Employees on average waste 1.7 hours on personal computer/Internet activity per day ( a typical 8.5 hours work day) in the workplace". - Report from Salary.com, a leading online compensation company in US, 2008.
This survey indicates that 20% productivity of your company is lost! A surprisingly large amount of employees spent 20% of the office time on personal emails, IM chats, shopping sites, or even gaming. What's worse, some employees may go too far violating laws by stealing corporate confidential materials, sending racial harassing emails, surfing illegal webpages and luring kids for sexual relationship. As enterprise employers or corporate IT manager, you need to ensure that the employees behave themselves during working time that they are paid for. Employers have every right to track employee's Internet and computer usage in the workplace during work hour, including emails, file operation, application usage, realtime screen, live desktop, etc.
EAM - Employee Activity Monitor can monitor more than 2000 client computers from one central server for your business. It is specially designed real-time corporate employee Internet and computer monitoring software for enterprise to avoid work time wasting and improve working efficiency. There are four step-by-step scientific procedures embedded in this employee computer and Internet monitoring software: Monitor - Filter - Alert - Control. The following are the feature list of NetVizor enterprise employee monitoring software.

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Key Features of Employee Computer Monitoring Software

Monitoring Features:

  • Live desktop and real-time screen monitoring - NEW! You can see the real-time desktop of remote client computer with EAM employee Internet monitoring tool.
  • Screen capture and recording - You can record and save the screenshots of remote PC at intervals you preset.
  • Monitor employees' outgoing and incoming emails ( POP, SMTP, Webmail ) - Record and save copies of emails read in Outlook 2000/2003/2007/Express, Winmail, Foxmail, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Netscape, Pegasus, etc. Log all outgoing webmails ( Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.).
  • Monitor employees' keystrokes typed - Log every single stroke typed on the keyboard by employee. In addition, you can get the passwords and account login ID of Myspace, Facebook, MSN, hotmail, Yahoo email, Gmail, Runescape, habbo hotel, Orkut, etc.
  • Monitor employees' IM chats - Log all chats of both sides in instant messengers ( MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) with EAM employee computer monitoring software.
  • Monitor employees' web usage - Log all the websites visited and titles of all webpages.
  • Monitor employees' application used/using - Log all running applications and record all applications that have been used.
  • Monitor employees' file operations and clipboard history - Record all clipboard actions and files operations like creating, copying, deleting, editing, etc.
  • Monitor employees' printer jobs - including file name, machine name, paper size, printed pages, etc.
  • Monitor employees' removable disk operation - USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD ROM usage, etc.
  • Monitor employees' FTP operation and file download history - Record FTP uploading and downloading actions and all files downloaded by users with EAM employee Internet monitoring software.
  • Monitor client computer's hardware and software status - Manage all the software and hardware of the remote computers with EAM employee computer monitoring software.
  • Monitor client computer's system status - Know the CPU usage/Disk drive status/OS state/running process/autorun programs/hotfix condition, etc.

Filtering Features:

  • Filter certain impolite words - You can filter offensive keywords both for search engines and instant messengers with EAM employee monitoring software.
  • Filter unwanted websites - You can block those websites that are popular but have nothing to do with office work. Like social network sites ( Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, etc. ), shopping sites ( Amazon, Ebay, etc.).
  • Filter Application Usage - You can block specific applications from running and filter programs from being downloaded ( games, P2P programs, etc. )
  • Block USB flash drive - You can disable all removable disks from being used ( USB, card reader, CD-ROM, etc.) with EAM employee Internet monitoring software.

Alerting Features:

  • Send alert to client computers - You can send to the remote PC alerts when employees violate company discipline, such as copying important data, opening porn websites, downloading games, etc.

Controlling Features:

  • Take control of client's keyboard and mouse - Operate employees' computer as if you are the user sitting in front of the PC
  • Do file operations - You can create/delete/copy/open files remotely with EAM employee monitoring software.
  • Remotely lock/restart/shutdown client computers when employee ignore company rule and don't behave themselves.
  • Remotely install/uninstall software, upload/download programs of the client computer with EAM employee Internet monitoring software.

Basic Features:

  • Full support for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/7
  • Work in stealth mode - Undetectable by client users and invisible to anti-virus software.
  • Easy to setup and easy to maintain - No need to be computer savvy to use this easy-to-use and intuitive employee monitoring software.
  • Data is stored in server computer - You can check the recordings anytime you want.
  • Little system resource and CPU usage - EAM employee monitoring software is compact in coding, excellent in operating efficiency. It will not affect your computer performance.

Awards for EAMSOFT Computer and Internet Monitoring Software Series

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