How to Block Bad Website for Employees or Children?

Do you find that your employees waste too much work time on shopping websites or even gaming sites in the workplace? Do you worry a lot about what websites your kids are visiting? So you are looking for an effective solution about how to block websites on your computer, right? The parental controls embedded in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are with limited features and they are far from enough for monitoring and blocking websites. You need a smart website blocker tool to help you filter as well as record website usage. Website blocking feature is one of the basic feature of the common Internet monitoring software on the market. EAM Website Blocker is an easy-to-use program for logging and blocking websites. It can not only monitor and block websites, but also filter keywords in search engines. For more info about how to block websites with Website Blocker, please Click Here... If you want to achieve more than just blocking websites, you can turn to EAM (for LAN monitoring) and PKO (for monitoring single computer) for more guides.

The following is an usual question from the customer when he has a try of the website blocking feature.
Question 1 : I tried your demo software here at our office before we buy it for one of our clients, but during the testing phase we encountered a problem. I tried blocking a website on the client's computer from my server but the software only blocked the website on Firefox. We still managed to go through from internet explorer. Is there any workaround to solve this issue please?
Answer: Were you opening both Firefox and Internet Explorer when testing the blocked website? If so, please close Firefox before testing with internet explorer. Please feel free to contact us if the problem still exists.

Question 2 : We did open both of them at the same time and we tried as well opening one at a time. The software did manage to block the website on the firefox browser at all times but it never managed to stop the website from IE.
Answer: After you set the block rule, you need to close the current IE window that was opened and test the blocked website in a new window. It works fine with any browser during our test and we have not received this kind of problem from our customers before. If the problem still exists, please show us for further analysis the detail info about your sequence of operation and the website you want to block.

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