How to View Browering History of Computer and Mobile Phone?

Do you find that employees delete all Internet history on computers after work-time? Do you ever notice that your kids are obsessed with Smartphone for browsing webpages and hanging out with strangers? If so, there is great possibility that your employees are wasting work time on personal interests and your kids are visiting bad sites. Then how can you monitor their Internet history after it has been deleted?

There are several ways to do this, but most of the methods are too professional and they only work for computer savvy. If you want a simple way to view deleted browser history, keylogger monitoring software will be the best choice. It can monitor and record everything related with website visited, IM chats, etc. So you can take action to avoid work-hour-waste and prevent child from contacting with improper web contents. We have seen lots of spy software out there on the market, some are with virus and some too pricy and needs subscription. Among all these tools, Mobile Spy is best for monitoring smartphone activities, EAM is professional for monitoring other PCs on network, and Power Keylogger for Office is excellent working on single computers. You can click the above product link to get more info.

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