How do i hack into my own user account?

Hack Your Own User Account

I KNOW hacking is bad (VERYVERYVERYBAD) but... Yesterday i changed my password. It was long. Seriously long. Off the page long, but i thought i could remember it. Earlier i couldn't remember what it was... Learned my lesson... I NEED MY USER ACCOUNT BACK!!! I keep EVERYTHING there!! My sprites will be all gone!!! I nearly finished a sprite movie as well!! IT'S NOT EASY!! Anyway it says reset password, password wizard, reset disks, blah blah blah... What does it mean exactly? Did i post in the right place? PLEEEEEASE help? Hacking might be the only thing left being as i don't understand the password reset thing. plz? i'm-a- gonna cry,
I'm assuming that you used a valid email when you signed up for this account.If you did there should be some sort of password reset option that would either send you a new temp password so that you may change it,or a link to reset your password.You may have to answer some security ?s of you had to fill them out when you signed up.
BTW,what site are you having trouble with?
Anyway there is really no way to hack into your account,well aside from trying to do some kind of "brute force" method but since you used a long password this would take a long time and if the site requires captchas for a certain number of wrong password entries it could take a VERY long they may just ban your IP address if start hammering their login.

EDIT:When you say the "whole thing" I assume you mean your PC's user account? What OS are you using if that is the case?

EDIT: There is no such thing as Windows 7 Vista.....Anyway...If it is a standard user account and you can still login as administrator you can reset your user account,but you will lose access to any encrypted files and emails as well as stored IE passwords and network resource paswwords.
See the following site for additional info:

Read the info carefully and understand the risks,I take no responsibility for any problems or damages.


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