Easy Steps to Keylog a Computer

Are you concerned parent who are worried that teenage kids may surf porn sites or chat with adult predators? Do you suspect that your husband is chatting with other women on MSN? Are you searching for an easy way to keylog employee's computer in case they leak company confidential data?

The steps to keylog a computer is easy, anyone with average computer skills can use it. First download a keylogger app onto the target computer and install according to the user guide, then configure the email used to receive logging results, now the keylogging tools is ready to work. The app will keylog everything happened on the tracked computer, including both sides of chats, webpages visited, keystrokes typed, account passwords, emails sent, even the screenshots can also be recorded.

Then which keylogger should you use? There are tons of keyloggers online that are viruses itself. It will steal the logs and do harm to the user privacy. Buy from those trusted commercial apps will help find out the truth while keep you safe from possible virus. We have tested the popular keyloggers on the market and conclude Sniperspy as the best one to easily keylog a computer usage.

Why choose Sniperspy? The app is recognised by CNN, CBS, PC Magazine. It can be installed on both local and remote computers. Sniperspy works in stealth mode and will keylog any computer activity with detailed logs.

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