Best Account Keylogger Software

Do you need to keylog your kid's facebook account to check his/her activity? Are you wondering how to check your husband's MSN account? Have yo ever thought that your employees may surf on time-waste sites during work time? Now I will introduce an easy way to keylog peoples accounts.

The process of keylogging someone accounts - first install the keylogger app onto the target computer, change some settings following the user guide, log into your online account and check the logs. You do not need worry you will be caught spying because the logger app works in totally stealth mode. It can help keylog any account password and ID typed on the tracked PC. In addition, other Internet activity like the sites visited, emails sent, chatting messages of both sides can also be recorded. Such account keylogging software are popular among parents, employers and spouse.

However, there are tons of malicious account keylogger apps on the market, they will steal your private info and do harm to your computer. So it is important to choose some trusted programs from reputed company. Among the popular keylogers we tested, Sniperspy outstands as the best one to keylog any accounts easily. It is developed by Retina Studio, which is recognised by brand media like BBC, CBS, PC Magazine. The app can be installed both locally and remotely and has both Mac and Windows version..

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