Best Remote Computer Keylog Software

Do you want to keylog another computer that you do not have physical access to? Are you wondering what your boyfriend is doing on his PC in another city? Do you wanna monitor Internet usage of other computers in the office?

The job to keylog another computer is easy. If you have physical access to that PC, just download a keylogger onto it and do some configuraiton following the user guide, then you will get all the activity logs performed. If you wanna keylog a remote computer that you do not have access to, then you need remote keylogger like Sniperspy. First download it, and create a remote module, then send it to the victim's computer via email or othe files. After the file is open, the app will install itself invisibly. That is the whole process to keylog a remote PC!

There are tons of keyloggers on the market, but a large percent of them are viruses that may steal your private information. We have tested the trusted ones online and recommend Sniperspy as the best one to keylog another computer easily. Sniperspy can be installed both locally and remotely and will log everything happened without user notice. It is developed by retina studio, which is recognised by popular media like CNN, CBS.

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