How to Keylog Girlfriend's Computer Remotely?

Question: I am dating this guy for almost a year and I love him, but I am suspicous that he may meets someone on the net. He chats a lot on MSN and never let me touch his pc or know his account password. So anyone know an easy way to keylog my boyfriend's computer without him knowing? Thanks in advance.

Best Answer: Yes there are computer keylog apps out there. But I would say trust him is the best way to solve your porblem, site down and talk with your boyfriend. If you insist on keylogging his PC, try Sniperspy then. I am using Sniperspy for my kid's laptop. The app works in the background without user notice and will log everything user does on the Internet, like the chatting messages, emails sent, site visited, even the realtime screen of the tracked computer. If you are interested in this amazing app to keylog boyfriend's computer:

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