How to Keylog the Computer of Your Daughter

Question: I bought my daughter a laptop and now she spent hours playing games and on facebook. She chats a lot with her net friends, I am worried that she may meet some online strangers, she is 14 years old. So I was wondering does anyone know how to keylog my daughter's computer without her knowing ?

Best Answer: Yes there are tons of keylogging apps out there that will help keylog your daughter's computer easily and invisibly. Sniperspy is one of the best one out there. What makes it outstand among all those keylog apps is that Sniperspy allows you monitor and control your daughter's PC screen in reailtime like watching TV. It can also keylog all user activity like sites visited, chatting messages of both sides, emails, screenshots, and more. If you are interested in this reliable app for keyloging daughter's laptop:

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