How to Keylog Girlfriend's PC?

Question: I am worrying that my girlfriend may hide something from me, she changed her facebook account password, put a passcode on her laptop, and she chats a lot on the computer. I was wondering if there is an easy guide on how to keylog my girlfriend's computer without her notice ?

Best Answer: Sniperspy is a trusted app that will help you keylog your girlfriend's computer in stealth mode. It can be installed both remotely via email or locally if you have physical access to the target laptop. Once installed, the app will be invisible to any firewalls and antivirus. There will not no icon on the task manager so she will not know it. Sniperspy will monitor both sides of chats, websites visited, emails sent, you can even spy on the desktop screen from your own computer. For more info about this amazing app to keylog girlfriend's PC:

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