How to Keylog Computers on Your Network

Question: Hello everyone, we have a company with 30 computers that are in the same LAN network, recently I found lots of employees surf facebook and gaming sites during work time. They waste lots of time on it so I wanna keylog the network computers to get evidence and face them with it. Any recommendations?

Best Answer: It is not hard to keylog network computers for IT experts, but for users with average PC skills, it is better to install network keylogging app on the target laptops. Such keyloggers for LAN network PCs contain two parts: the server part, which is installed on the employer's computer and the client part to be installed on employees' PCs. Once the install is complete, the boss can keylog the network computers without user knowing. He can monitor everything employees do from his own PC in realtime. Follow the link for some tested network keylogging apps on the market:

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