How to Limit Computer Usage and Manage Users' Internet activity?

Here is a question from one of our customers about how to limit internet usage with our Time Sheriff, a smart computer time limit and application management software.
I am interested in Time Sherriff to help stem the use of the internet for my children. I have 5 children and there are 3 laptops and 1 mainframe which they use. Would I need to load the program onto each computer or can I run it from one computer? Do I then need multiple licenses? Can I simply limit internet access as opposed to computer time so they
can still use word/excel etc? Thank you for your help. Regards.

Here is an answer from EAMsoft about Time Sheriff Purchase and feutures:
You need to buy mutiple licenses to install on mutiple PCs, and we offer 75.95$ for 3 PC Licences. You can filter application usage. As to internet access monitoring and controlling, you can turn to EAM or Power Keylogger, both of which are from EAMSOFT: If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know more about Time Sheriff and want to learn about how to limit computer time and how to Internet usage, please Click Here...

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