Tutorial on How to Monitor and Block Employees' Website Browsing?

The following is a customer question on how to use Website Blocker to monitor employees' website usage and set block rule to filter workers website activity:
Hello, I am thinking about buying website blocker to monitor employees website usage in the workplace. Can you answer a question I have please though. Does this software have to be installed on the computer which I want to monitor and if so, can the employee easily detect that it is there?
Many thanks, Gordon
Answer from EAMSoft:
Yes, you need install the software to the computer you want to monitor. Website BLocker is undetectable by computer users and completely invisible to anti-virus software. It won't show on any folder or running program. Only you can have access to the program. In addition, if you have several employees to monitor, we recommend you with EAM. You can monitor and control employees' computers from a central computer so it may be much more convenient for you. More info: http://www.monitoring-softwares.com/employee-monitoring-software.html Feel free to contact us for any further question.
Woden, EAM Support
For more information about this smart Employee Website Activity Monitoring Software and about the detailed instructions on how to monitor employees website browsing and visiting history, please Click Here...

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