How to Monitor Printing Within LAN Network?

Are you looking for a printer monitoring software to see if your employees are abusing office printers for personal interests, or are they printing out company confidential material? Do you want to see who are wasting company assets and want to regulate employees' behavior?

Then how can you monitor the print jobs within your company network?
Here i will introduce to you a smart software that can help you monitor printer usage and print job activities. The following is a printing monitoring question from a customer:
I am attempting to try your print job monitoring software.  I have downloaded and installed it on a Windows 2003 Server with the print service enabled. How do I get the printers added to the monitoring. Thanks.

Here is the reply from EAMsoft on how to install Printer Job Monitor:
First download Print Job Monitor setup file. Then extract all files from downloaded archive. It contains these program files:
1. pr_server_setupx.x.exe -> Print Job Monitor console and server program. Install it to central computer to monitor all printer activities.
2. pr_agent_setupx.x.exe -> Print Job Monitor agent program. Install it to remote computers which connected to printer (s) directly. You may specify the correct server computer IP address for agent program.
If you have any further problems, please feel free to contact us.

If you want to know more about how to monitor printing and see the detailed info about this smart Printer Job Monitor software, please Click Here...

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