Can i record the screenshots of my children/wife/husband/employees?

A question from our customer about recording screenshot of other PCs remotely.

I had sent a email a few days ago asking the question if Power  Keylogger can send screen shots to my email address as well as  recording both sides of AIM conversations. The answer I received  back was Yes the program Can do this. I started to download the Power Keylogger software and noticed that  the name of this product is Not Power Keylogger and it happens to be  the same product I installed previously from another website which  is IMonitor. The reason I wanted to change programs was because  IMonitor did NOT send screen shots to my email nor did it record  both sides of AIM conversations.
At this time I am very confused if Power Keylogger IS IMonitor? If  this is true why am I unable to have screen shots sent to my email  and how come the program does not record both sides of AIM  conversations?Thank you for your help with this matter.

Yes, Imonitor is the affiliate of power keylogger. We tested the program and had no problem with recording both sides of AIM and sending screenshot to the email we preset. Please check whether your email settings and the screenshot feature settings are right or not. Feel free to contact us for any further question.


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