How to Spy on Peoples' iPhone Without Having to Jailbreak It?

Question: I have bought an iPhone for my teenage son from ebay as the present for his birthday. He likes it a lot and download tons of games and other apps onto it. I am worring that he may chats with online predators or watching porn videos on the web. I have searched some iphone spy app out there, but they need the iphone to be jailbreaken in order to install. Does any one know any software to spy on iphone without jailbreaking it?

Best Answer: To spy someone iphone without the need to jailbreak? This question has been asked all the time and I am sorry to tell you that in order to install spy app on the iphone you MUST jailbreak it. There is no way around that. Jailbreak is legal and safe, you can get rid of the jailbreak anytime by restoring with itunes. For easy jailbreak guide, Click Here... Once the iphone is jailbreaken, you can install the spy program on your son's cell. Then you will receive the log file of the sms texts sent and received, call logs, chatting messages on iMessages, BBM, Facebook etc., the webpages visited, outgoing and incoming emails.

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