How to use keyloggers to monitor Employees and Kids?

The folllowing is a questioout how to use keylogger monitoring software to spy on children's computer usage and Internet activity:
I am evaluating Power Keystroke Logger for use in my home. As a test I've installed it on my computer. For the most part it does seem to run OK, but I did run into some issues.
First, after the initial install, my Symantec Antivirus did pop a window up about this product. However, I've not seen it since. I'm obviously concerned that the kids' AV product will alert them to the presence of this software as well. Your web site says that it will not be recognized by AV software so I was surprised when the alert box popped up.
Second, I've tested this with two different users on the PC and it appears to log info for both users, but I am unable to switch users within the apps window. I have to be logged on as the user I am monitoring to see the info for that user, which obviously isn't an ideal situation.
Third, I have attempted to set un abp the email alerts, but when I test the email it never works. I am sure of my settings and have tried port 465 as well as port 25. Fourth... I assume that if I buy the product, it will operate in total stealth mode, since at the moment it does not. Thanx for your attention to these questions.

Guide from EAMsoft on how to use keyloggers correctly to monitor online activities:
1. After you buy the full version and finished the initial install, AV product wont detect and alert for Power Keylogger.
2. For the second problem, you can send the monitoring information to an email you preset.
3. The email monitoring feature includes outgoing webmail and incoming POP, SMTP mails.
4. After you purchase the full version, it will be totally in stealth mode.
Feel free to contact us if you have any further problem.

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