Is it Legal to Monitor Employees' Internet Activities?

Do you want to monitor employees' online doings but are concerned that it might be illegal and forbidden by the law? Do you find that workers spent more than two hours each day with working computer on personal stuff, like emails, IM chats, or even shopping sites and gaming? It is the time to figure out whether it is ok to monitor their Internet activity and computer usage to ensure high working efficiency and security of company confidential material.

Most employers have some kind of monitoring software installed on working computers and control the Internet usage during work hours. They do so because the computers are won by the company and the employees are paid to work rather than waste on private interests. Workers have no rights to ask for privacy in the office time. So you can feel assured that it is absolutely legal to monitor computer usage in the company. It will do a sea of good for improving working efficiency and avoiding work-time waste. EAM is a leading product that is well-received by company leaders and IT managers. You can click the above product link to get more info.

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