Is there a keylogger that is undetectable by Antivirus tools?

Does the Antivirus alert the user when you are trying to install keylogger monitoring software to the computer of your kids or employees? Do you find that the keylogger you had is easily detected and deleted by the Anti-virus on the computer you want to monitor? There are various keyloggers developer on the market nowadays, some of them declare that their keyloggers will not be picked up by the security software like Norton, AVG, Mcafee, Symantec, Kaspersky, Avast, etc. But most of them are cheating on you and you will know that after you bought the keylogger spy software. So if you want to install keylogger in totally stealth mode and don't want to be found by your children or employees, here is a smart one that I recommend to you: Perfect Keylogger. This tool is updated frequently by the developer to ensure that it won't cause any problem to you. In addition, it is hidden and won't show on any program files or system files.
The following is a question from the customer about Power Keylogger stealth problem:
Hi. I'm interested in installing a free download of Power Keylogger for Home on my child's computer, but want to make sure he doesn't know it's there. Do I download the program directly to his computer? When the trial period is up, how am I notified? Is there any chance of a notification popping up on his computer screen? Likewise, how will I be notified when updates are needed? I really don't want him to know the program is there... Also, how long does the installation take? Thanks!
Answer from Power Keylogger support team:
When the free trial (5 days) is over, a pop-up will show on the screen. So you'd better test the free trial version on your own computer. If it works for you, you can buy the full version and install it to your son's PC. The installation will be finished within a minute and it is totally invisible to the user. Feel free to contact us for any further problem.
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