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AIM Monitoring Software - A trusted and user-friendly AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger ) Monitoring software to monitor and sniff all AIM chat conversations and messages sent and received.

IM Monitoring Software - EAMSOFT provides customers with easy-to-use and professional IM monitoring software to monitor all outgoing and incoming IM chat messages of employees and children.

ICQ Monitoring Software - An easy-to-use yet powerful ICQ Monitoring Software that is designed for both cmpany and parents to monitor and record user's ICQ chat messages.

Instant Messenger Monitoring Software - Instant Messaging Monitoring Software developed by EAMSOFT allows employers and parents to fully understand exactly what users are chatting about.

Keystroke Monitoring Software - The best keystroke monitoring software to monitor every single keystrokes typed by users and to monitor all PC and Internet usage of both employees and kids.

Child Monitoring Software - An easy-to-use child monitoring software from eamsoft to monitor online about all Internet and computer activity of your kids. Best spy monitoring program for monitoring children's PC usage.

Keylogger Monitoring Software - Professional keylogger monitoring software designed specially for both enterprise and family usage, with which you can monitor and log all keystrokes of users' PCs.

Surveillance Monitoring Software - All-in-one yet user-friendly surveillance monitoring software free download to covertly monitor remote clients activities of remote computers within the network ( LAN ).

Keyboard Monitoring Software - With the help of this cute keyboard monitoring software, you can monitor and record all keyboard activities of client computers, it can be applied to both home and office usage.

Chat Monitoring Software - MSN and Yahoo Messenger chat monitoring software to monitor all chat conversations and log all chatting messages sent and received by IM ( Instant Messenger ) users.

Spy Monitoring Software - Computer Spy Monitoring Software to spy and monitor users' PC and Internet activities and take control when employees or children abuse the home & company PCs.

Internet Usage Monitoring Software - EAM Internet Usage Monitoring Software is designed to monitor Computer and Internet usage of employees in the workplace during working hours.

PC Activity Monitoring Software - The flagship monitoring software for keeping an eye on every single pc activity of remote computer users within the LAN network or with family computer.

Phone Monitoring Software - A well-received smart phone monitoring software for monitoring phone calls, text messages, GPS location, Website Urls, etc. It works with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphone.

Remote Monitoring Software - The best remote monitoring software that can be installed remotely, you don't need have physical access to the remote computer. The software can be installed automatically to the remote PC.

Mac Monitoring Software - A smart monitoring software designed to monitor Macintosh computer usage and Interent activity of employees, children and spouse.

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