Remote File Commands

Edit File

Root Directory: Get root file directory of the selected computer, just like when you double click to open the 'My Computer' icon on desktop.

Upward: Browse higher directory.

Refresh List: Reload the current directory..

Copy File: Save file position on clipboard.

Cut File: Save file position on clipboard. After the file is pasted to another place, delete the original file.

Paste File: Copy the file on clipboard to a new directory.

Delete File: Delete the file(s) as you wish.

Rename File: Change the name of the selected file's.

Create Directory: Create a new and empty directory in current position.

Upload & Download

Upload: Upload selected file(s) from the remote users' computer to the central computer, you should firstly point a save position.

Cancel Uploading: Cancel the file uploading task that is in process.

Download To Agent: Download selected file(s) from the local computer to the remote computer, you should firstly select file(s) in local computer.

Cancel Downloading: Cancel the file downloading task that is in process.

Remote Open: Remotely run program or open files to user computers.

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