How to Spy on India Mobile Phones?

Is there any compnay that sells spy phone programs in India? I am searching on the net, there are tons of sites that claim to listen the realtime calls. But they are not in India and I wonder if their software works as the advertise. Also I will pay with credit card so I do not wanna they abuse my card. So anyone know any spy phone software that sells in India?

As I know, there is no india made spy phone software out there on the web. But you can try buy the app from trusted company like Retina Studio, it is recognized by BBC, CBS, they will not abuse your personal info. In addition, such spy phone apps works anywhere around the world as long as your phone is compatible. So you need not worry about the safety. If you are not satisfied with the app, you will get full refund. Click Here for some tested popular & trusted spy phone apps for mobilephones out there.

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