Monitoring your Employees Computer Saves Money and Improve Productivity

Email monitoring allows businesses to secretly monitor all computer and Internet activity of every employee on their network. Stop employee computer abuse and increase profits instantly.

Businesses now have the power to record and log all keystrokes, websites visited, emails sent/received, windows opened, applications ran, chat/instant message conversations, Internet connections made, software installed, print jobs executed, and even capture actual screenshots of any computer in use on the network. All of this is available remotely, in real-time, from one central location. Sit at your desk and view the activities of any computer or employee for the entire company from the convenience of your own desk!

Most businesses do not realize the actual amount of productivity loss due to employees who play games, perform online shopping, trade stocks, chat with friends, and other non-work related activities. With computers and the Internet in general becoming more powerful by the day, loss of productivity within your employees is on a steady rise.

Here is a report:

56.5% of employees feel that surfing the Net or sending non-work-related E-mails decreases productivity, and 31% of employers said that they restrict employee Internet/E-mail usage. ( survey)

In 2001, 60.7% of employees surveyed said they visit Web sites or surf for personal use at work (up from 50.7% in 2000). (UCLA study on Internet/E-mail use). It shows that boss need to monitor employees’ work time

70% of all Internet porn traffic occurs during the nine-to-five workday. (SexTracker)

31.2% of employees feel it is appropriate to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes a day, 14.8% said up to one hour is appropriate, and 9% said over an hour, while only 26.6% of employers feel it is appropriate for employees to surf non-work-related sites up to 30 minutes, 8.6% said up to one hour, and 4.2% said over an hour. ( survey)

It is estimated that every employee spends roughly 75 minutes per day being unproductive on their computer through non-work related activity. Taking that figure into account with the U.S. average salary of $20 per hour gives us roughly $6,250 wasted per employee per year due to being unproductive. Using these statistics, a company with 100 employees would be losing $625,000 annually and $6,250,000 annually with 1,000 employees on staff.

So, it is necessary for corporates to get  employee monitoring software solutions

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