Employee Activity Monitor" Staff Monitoring Software Relaesed in UK

The classic dialogue in novel "1984" "Employee Activity Monitor is watching you", has become a true portrayal of life in today's Internet. Network.

No one will pro that working hours can be used to send prpersonal e-mail or on shopping sites --- as long as the company is equipped with network monitoring software free download & free trial system, it can monitor and control your every move, "Peter."

As to be held on December 1st, the issue of the British "New Scientist" magazine presents a newly developed software system, "Employee Activity Monitor", the company can make sure that their workers were under close surveillance for the sake of preventing them from srealing company confidential data, or waste time during work hours.

The original intention for Employee Activity Monitor Development and Research is to fight against cyber crime

This PC monitoring software comes from the British Air Force Engineering Uni, London, R & D, also known as the name "Employee Activity Monitor."

Woden, head of software development said: "A considerable number of huge economic losses are caused by insiders within a company, they either leak with tention of enterprise information, or simply damage the entire computer system."

The U.K. military development for " computer monitoring" software was originally conceived to combat cyber crime, with the gradual extension to the usage of common folks and companies who can free download and apply. The software can automatically scan e-mail to monitor the employee's network behavior. With this software, companies can not only prevent the disclosure of confidential employees use the Internet, but also to examine the employee.

How it works: Personalized induction

"Employee Activity Monitor" software is designed to analyze the e-mail idiom, summed up the theme of conversations from employee personality characteristics, and to each employee create a personal record being kept.

The software will first search about social-related words, like "dinner", "Drink," "Joy", "Love", "Family," "Weekend" and "game" and so on. If a person never talk about social activities with colleagues, then he will be classified as "alien"; on the other hand, if a person is always talking with an outsider's secret or sensitive issues, then the Internet monitoring softwarewill tell that he would be labeled "like to talk about the secret ". Although these two groups do not necessarily reflect the tendency to steal company secrets, but they will be treated as potentially dangerous person on record.

Scientists have used this software to scan a bankrupt company's internal staff each made of 25 million e-mails, eventually find who leaked the information. This one who leaked the information is part of the above-mentioned two categories of people, the software function is evident.

In addition, through monitoring, the company can also control whether the staff is lazy and wasting work hours, whether there is romance and so on.

By monitoring the program scans e-mail in most parts of the United States are legitimate. However, the Oxford Internet Institute, Ian Brown said that, in Europe, unless the employee is suspected of crime, or they can not be monitored. Moreover, the software also led to another controversy, as employees do not make mistakes before being labeled "potentially dangerous elements" hat.

Employee Activity Monitor = "watchers"

Why Scientists from this software called "Employee Activity Monitor"? Word derived from English literature. English novelist George Orwell novel "1984", the shape of a totalitarian dictator Employee Activity Monitor (BigBrother). This figure through television receiver for each family kept a close watch, so the "Employee Activity Monitor", there has been "surveillance" means. The software has a monitoring function, and thus get a "Employee Activity Monitor" label.

Now, in front of a computer network, no people do not have a secret, and "Employee Activity Monitor" also became a government intelligence agency or a synonym for the computer giant.

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