Ninety percent of U.S. workers are under company surveillance of electronic communications

The United States has a new effective law for employees, the company will monitor all E-mails sent through the office system and other electronic file. According to the survey, nine-tenths of the employer has been applied some methods to monitor computer usage electronic communication. For employees who are doubt about this "spy" behavior, ABC news program of the famous “good morning America” studio donored by Johnson made an answer.

Problem 1: why should company monitor employees?

Tori: company wants to convey a message, and if you do evil, we will find, so don't do bad things.

Question 2: how to monitor employee?

Tori: there are two ways. A keyboard input monitoring, recording the input of every single word. The second is the LAN monitoring, recording the computer screen which displays all contents.

Question 3: How employees know the boss in monitoring yourself?

Tori: in fact, there is no way to know that he was being watched, therefore employees can only imagine a surveillance equipment is working.

Problem 4: If the staff are with private electronic computer, can the company see the content through email account?

Tori: Yes, we can. As long as the company is engaged in the electronic communication, computer can be traced, too.

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